Bringing Fiscal Responsibility, Parental Rights and a Brighter Future to MN

Why John Is Stepping Up To Lead:

  • Despite massive amounts of tax dollars, our schools are failing to provide adequate education and our kids are falling behind. 
  • Businesses are closing due to crime, high taxes and overregulation.   
  • People are leaving Minnesota in record numbers.
  • Groceries, gasoline, utility bills and taxes continue to increase because Minnesota's government mishandles priorities, overspends and overtaxes our people.
  • Diversity without unity is decomposition. 

Minnesota Moving Forward:

  • Create opportunity for students and parents to education that works for their family.
  • Make Minnesota a place that supports entrepreneurs and business.
  • Minnesota has the innovative roots to create cutting edge clean energy solutions and free market systems of the future. 
  • Systems where we can support economic development rather than hamstring growth with government red tape. 
  • Responsibility to keep our fertile land & 10,000 lakes clean and free from pollution.

My Mission 

John is a lifelong resident of Minnesota and most of his life as a St Louis Park resident. After marriage he purchased the home that his grandfather built in St Louis Park. The same home he grew up in. He raised his two children there. Instilling in his children the same morally based work ethic he had been taught. Faith, Family and Leadership. 

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 After a 30-year career with the Minnesota State Patrol, John will continue to work and fight for a secure & strong Minnesota.  


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